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Trade rose buds in bulk packs

Trade rose buds to buy online at Daisy Gifts Ltd, available in bulk packs. We are able to supply rose buds to trade and non trade customers. If you are looking for larger quantities than those shown, please contact us for a good price.

Air dried natural rose buds trade packs

Our rose buds are air dried naturally.
They are not dyed or treated with preservatives.

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(Online catalogue showing entire range)

trade rose budSmall dark red rose buds. About 2000 buds per kilo
RRP 5 for 50g.

1Kg 59.99 
5Kg 222.99

dried rose buds pink 1kgSmall pink rose buds  About 2400 buds per kilo.
RRP 6 for 50g.
1Kg 59.99   |   5 kg 241.99

seconds quality rosebuds sometimes also available.

trade rose buds 100gThe same pink rose buds in 100g cellophane packs.
RRP 15 each

20 packs 124.99

Rosebuds are also seasonally available in ivory, bright red or peach - see inside shop for current prices..

rose buds petalsDried rose buds mixed with petals, burgundy. Rose buds are slightly open and up to about 2cm across. Some buds may be squashed or incomplete.
RRP 2.49 for 50g

500g 14.99
1Kg 21.99
5Kg 92.99

The same as above in 100g cellophane packs.
RRP 4.99 each

20 packs for 49.99

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Many rose petal and/or lavender mixes in bulk packs
Wholesale potpourri page with rose potpourri
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Looking for larger quantities?
Just e-mail for a good price.

Buying rose buds trade

To buy our rose buds at trade prices, just click on the Enter Shop button above to visit our shop at for our full range and secure payment.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa debit and PayPal.

Our price scale gets significantly cheaper the more you buy. So to get the best price just look for the biggest packs.

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“Lavender received
[5Kg bulk pack]
...much quicker than expected. Thank you very much.”
N.D., Cardiff

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